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Welcome to Marvelous Montages by Marlene!

Watch as your favorite photos are "Brought to Life" in a One-of-a-Kind Video Photo Montage, with a Dash of Magic, a Splash of Sparkle and a Cup of Imagination!
Whether you're looking for something Fun, Elegant, or a combination of both,
a Marvelous Montage is the perfect way to Celebrate your Photos!

Press Play below to Check Out the new Before and After Montage Photos video!

Bar Mitzvah Montage, Bat Mitzvah Montage, Sweet 16 Montage, Graduation Montage, Wedding Montage, Rehearsal Dinner Montage, Birthday Montage, Retirement Montage -
a Marvelous Montage is the perfect gift for any occasion!

Please email or call us, 732-431-4391, for more information to get started on your very own Marvelous Montage - Celebrate Your Photos!

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